Posted on October 1, 2014

A look around the Chicago Suburbs

A look around the Chicago Suburbs

The hype our hometown Chicago gets is much deserved. In fact, we would say that for all the hype, it’s still underrated. That said, what makes Chicago, “Chicago,” is that it extends beyond its city limits. For fear of sounding too domesticated, the suburbs of Chicago provide much of the area’s stability. We take pride in the fact that when work on construction projects in Chicago and that when we say we work, “in Chicago,” we mean every area. Our Spydercranes have seen sunrises and sunsets from Valparaiso, IN to the Wisconsin state line, and every bit of Chicago in between.

And with a little luck, our mini crawler cranes will continue to build many more projects under the Chicago sun.

Construction projects in Chicago

Our Chicago-area construction projects have covered the spectrum. We’ve done residential work in the western suburbs. We’ve scaled the highest heights in downtown. We’ve worked on roads, high-rises, industrial supply buildings, and everything in between.

Hometown discounts to Chicago

We got our start in Chicago. Our biggest work is still in Chicago. And because our home base is Chicago, we typically run Free Delivery and other discounts throughout the year on our entire line of Spydecrane mini crawler cranes. When you contact us, make sure to ask what specials we are running.

Helping to build sweet home Chicago

Whether it’s to hoist supplies on a residential project or to lift windows to locations where some people just can’t look down, Great Lakes Lifting has the tools, expertise and talent to take that project to the next level, third level, or the top floor.

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