Posted on July 8, 2015

Difference between typical crawler cranes and a spydercrane

Difference between typical crawler cranes and a spydercrane

The first generation of career construction workers are now entering the field having never knowing what life was like before Spydercranes. Yet while Spydercranes have been crawling construction sites around the world for over twenty years, in construction terms our crane is still but a babe.

Many companies still compare Spydercrane in terms of other industry standard specifications of stands. With this in mind, we continue to show the similarities and differences our breakthrough machines have in relation to industry standards. This time, we compare it to Crawler Cranes:

Similarities: Crawler Cranes typically run on caterpillar tracks

Crawler Cranes are known for their trademark transport method: riding along on a pair of caterpillar tracks. Caterpillar tracks are also known as, “crawlers.” This is where they get their name.

Spydercranes, too, run along sets of caterpillar tracks that are mounted to the machine. No assembly required.

Difference: Spydercranes roll on caterpillar tracks, too, but...

The caterpillar tracks is what helps classify the Spydercrane as a crawler crane. The difference is discovered when the lifting begins: unlike most crawler cranes, Spydercranes have stabilizing extensions - the Spyderlegs - to provide additional support.

Those spyder legs provide stabilization for lifts and extended heights

By using the Spyderlegs, Spydercranes are able to lift extra amounts of weights at elevated heights, even in closed positions. This feature increases its value.

Tradeoffs: Spydercranes can’t carry loads the sizes of crawler cranes, but also don’t require assembly for travel

The enhanced stability comes at a price: Spydercranes aren’t typically recommended for hauling their loads over horizontal distances. As cool as it would be, the Spyderlegs don’t crawl during moves. If ever it develops the CGI comic book movie-like mobility, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops and providing lots of video. Lots and lots of video.

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