Posted on May 24, 2017

Spydercrane in an Elevator? It sounds like a B action flick.

Spydercrane in an Elevator? It sounds like a B action flick.

The last in the Spydercrane mailbag is a question about elevators. You can probably guess how It went:

"Can I lift a Spydercrane in an elevator? What are the restrictions?"

The restrictions are physics. If the math doesn't work, do not try stuffing the crane in.

Our smaller Spydercranes, the URW 094 and URW 295, typically fit in any standard elevator. They fit through single-wide doors, and they typically make it into the elevator.

The URW 376 and URW 546 are a little heavier and wider. They don't always make it into standard elevators. If the elevator has the entrance of a double-wide door, then, typically, they'll make it into the elevator.

Our Spydercrane URW 706 are that much heavier, weighing nearly 9 tons. Though they'll fit in a double-wide door, they don't always work within elevators of the same entrance size.

The thing to remember is to check the size and weight restrictions of the elevators to be used.

Outside of size and weight, there's typically no magical restriction preventing the Spydercrane from entering the elevator. If the math works, it'll fit.

You want a second opinion? Feel free to contact us today.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you get the numbers together, do the math, and decide which and what machines will be able to go in the elevators you have available.

It's what they do.

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Spydercrane in an Elevator. It sounds like a B action flick.

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