Posted on July 30, 2020

Glazing Solution: Working From the Inside-Out

Glazing Solution: Working From the Inside-Out

Construction projects come in all sizes—and sometimes there isn't quite enough space to manuever around the job site on the outside. This can cause delays in your schedule if your crew doesn't have a plan for installing large windows or pieces of glass. It can also create hazardous working conditions for you and your team if the outside environment is restrictive. When you're on a large high rise, lifting and setting glass the traditional way just isn't an option. Large cranes can be difficult to operate in tight spaces and they just don't provide the procision necessary. SmartLift has the solution that can allow you to complete your job with ease—and maneuver any work environment safely.

Indoor SmartLift Machines

SmartLift has two indoor machines for you to choose from when your job requires a more intimiate touch. Both the 380 Indoor and the 580 Indoor are versatile enough to handle any job your throw at them. These machines allow your team the flexibility they need to handle jobs that might otherwise be extremely difficult from the outside.

With the assistance of your SmartLift glazing machine, you and your team can quickly and easily install large panels with just a few guys—perfect for maintaining social distancing. The standard puncture proof tires allow the machine to move across the interior floors without causing any damage. With the side shift capabilities and the remote control feature, using a SmartLift glazing machine from the inside-out is the obvious choice for high rise jobs.

Benefits to Working Inside-Out

  • Easily maneuver large glass panels around unique structures with limited space
  • Accurately and safely place glass with a small team
  • Maintain a quick setup to keep your job on schdule

The Glazing Machine That's Right For You

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