Posted on March 16, 2016

Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Spring Break Adventures

Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Spring Break Adventures

This is usually the time of year when folks start paying attention to NCAA Men's Basketball, studying up on the teams before having to fill out their tournament brackets for a chance to win the office pool. For others, it is a chance to flex their best combination of seniority, title, and position for a chance to take take time off for themselves or with their families and sneak down to the beaches for a Spring Break trip remember, again.

For the delivery team here at Great Lakes Lifting, our workers pick this time of year to flex their best combination of seniority, title, and position for a take as many delivery drives down to the rejuvenating, salt aire and sandy coast of the gulf shores. In this case, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The growing construction on Gulf Shores, Alabama

It's no secret that the Alabama Gulf Shores has seen its share of ups and downs. Its how they react to the problems that makes the area resilient, proud, and strong. A hurricane comes; they build back strong. Oil spills? The clean up and continue to march forward.

It's with this persistency that the area has turned itself into a coveted travel destination. The coveting results in increased residential and commercial construction. The construction means equipment and resources. Those resources need to be hoisted on occasion. And for several of those jobs, they call on our Spydercranes.

Discounts to Gulf Shores, Alabama area

Given our frequency (and our drivers' eagerness) down I-65 and sometimes over via I-10, if we're not in the Gulf Shores Alabama area, we're often right near it. Because we like to make the most out of our trips, we typically offer seasonal discounts on long term contracts. Contact us today to learn what we're offering.

As for our delivery drivers

We're glad they're always eager to get down there. Now, how to get them to go near Canada during the dark of winter...

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