Posted on March 9, 2016

How many operators can fit in a Spydercrane

How many operators can fit in a Spydercrane

The latest unique question from the customers.

"How many workers can I fit inside a Spydercrane?"

Our quick answer was, "One. Only."

But then we got curious

We asked, "Why would you want to put more than one person in the Spydercrane?"

Their answer was because the wanted one in the mini crawler crane to operate the machine itself. They wanted the other to operate the glass-handling tool. The reason they wanted them both to be in the machine was so they could talk to each other while they were operating the machinery without having to use more electronic devices than what they were already using.

We admit, their answer was unique.

While their answer was unique, we pointed out that if the machines are going to be used by tandem teams where one operates the crane and the other operates another tool, we suggest using the remote control devices.

With the remote control devices, your team will be able to communicate within close proximity of each other while staying far enough and safe enough away from the heavy machinery that are hoisting big objects into the sky.

Please keep the occupants in a Spydercrane to 1 and under

At this time of this publishing, there is no Spydercrane that offers multi-user seating. They're designed for one user to be able to safely and securely operate the machinery by themselves.

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Photo Credit: UNIC Furukawa via Pinterest

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