Posted on September 22, 2020

How SmartLift Changed the Glazing Industry

How SmartLift Changed the Glazing Industry

Since 2016, the SmartLift team has been working to educate and change the mindset of the glazing industry. Our core area of focus is field glazing and installation—which continues to grow and evolve. The amount of glass being used in design continues to trend upwards and thanks to advancements in technology, we are seeing some of the largest glass design ever.

Between 2010 and 2015, the glazing industry has seen substantial growth—however, the one area that wasn't keeping pace was the equipment. As glazing projects got larger, contractors simply added more men to their teams. Did it work? Absolutely—but at what cost? Overtime, glazing takes a tremendous toll on the body. SmartLift was created to solve that problem and change the way the industry thinks about glazing.

When we started to introduce SmartLift glazing machines to the marketplace in 2016, one of the largest push backs came from the very men and women who the equipment was design for, the glaziers. Many of the glaziers felt that their job was about to be overrun with robotics and that they were in jeopardy of being replaced. Fast forward to today and that mindset has shifted.

SmartLift Glass Lifting Machines Have A Purpose

When is the last time you saw a group of construction workers carrying large steel sheets by hand across the jobsite? Answer: Never! The Reason: There is a tool or equipment for that purpose—besides it's very dangerous. Prior to the creation of SmartLift machines, glaziers have never had the luxury of having a piece of equipment designed for the glazier. They have been forced to utilize material handling equipment such as fork trucks, telehanders, cranes, engine hoist, to homemade rigs to set the glass. Although these machines set glass and still do, the basic design of the equipment makes it very challenging to operate.

SmartLift has changed the game when it comes to equipment that is designed for the glazier. Understanding the difficulties and challenges glaziers are faced with in the field led SmartLift to design a machine that was perfect for the modern glazier. From factoring in how to install flush glaze sets, to making sure equipment works easily both indoors and outdoors, to having models that required no hydraulics for operation providing the glazier with 1/64th of a inch—SmartLift has glaziers covered.

Here at SmartLift, we have a simple moto, "We Raise, You Glaze." When you utilize SmartLift glazing machines on your project it allows glaziers to be glaziers. When you are on your next construction project look around at all the different tools and equipment that are being used. From the concrete guy using pumps to the ironworker using the crane. Imagine the craziness of these trades saying, "no, we would rather do that by hand."

Let us help you keep your glaziers safe on your next project. Contact our team today to learn about our rental options.

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