Posted on December 16, 2015

How to Charge an Electrical Spydercrane.

How to Charge an Electrical Spydercrane.

Here's another great question: the URW-094 Spydercrane has a model that is billed as Zero Emissions. It's electrical. It reduces the carbon footprint. Companies can use the crane for their own PR and marketing endeavors. They take pics and YouTube videos and show them off in email campaigns.

But when the power is drained, how are those sleek electrical Spydercranes recharged?

Each Electrical Spydercrane comes equipped with a Charging Station.

Since there aren't charging stations up along interstates for Spydercranes like there are for Teslas, each Spydercrane comes equipped with its own charging station.

Follow the instructions provided with the charging station, and the rest is easy-peasy.

Where to get a copy of the instructions

If you still need a copy of the instructions, there are two places to find them.

1)The Manual: The easiest way to look is the PDF manual for the charging station.

2)Call Us: The just-as-easy way to learn how to use the charging station is to call us and we'll walk you through it. Or, if you're more of a read-n-learn, then we'll be happy to send you another copy of the instructions.

Need a new Charging System or Battery?

We also are a full service maintenance, repair, and part replacement for everything on a Spydercrane. This includes charging systems and batteries. We can set up recurring end-of-life maintenance replacements or one-time replacements. Whatever works for you.

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