Posted on January 29, 2014

How Do I Set Up My Spydercrane Mini-Crawler Crane?

How Do I Set Up My Spydercrane Mini-Crawler Crane?

We keep telling you how easy it is to get your Spydercrane mini-crawler crane ready for action. Here’s proof! Some of our friends up in Canada made this video demonstrating how to unfold and position the outrigger legs on a Spydercrane. If you’ve got 2 ½ minutes then you’ve got time to use a Spydercrane! Check it out!

Spydercranes: Cream of the Mini-Crawler Crop!

Accept no substitute! Designed and manufactured in Japan by crane industry leader FURUKAWA UNIC Corporation, Spydercranes were a revolutionary addition to the world of compact cranes. Still produced to exacting specification and held to rigorous manufacturing standards, our Spydercranes are guaranteed to go the distance, letting you focus on your next great project! You will get years of worry-free performance, backed by Great Lakes Lifting’s routine maintenance program, available nationwide. Only need a rental? We’ve still got you covered! Great Lakes offers weekly or monthly nationwide rentals for all of our Spydercrane models. Try us out and see why a Spydercrane is the Cadillac of mini-crawler cranes.

The Great Lakes Lifting Difference

Located near Chicago, IL, Great Lakes has you covered no matter where you need your Spydercrane mini crawler to go! We offer nationwide sales, rentals, service and training, as well as new and used Spydercranes for sale or rental. Call us today to see how we can help you get the job done, on time and within your budget!

Simple, Powerful, Versatile

Spydercrane mini-crawler cranes are easy to set up, go where no other crane can go, and pack the kind of power you’d expect from a much bulkier machine in an elegant, easy-to-maneuver package. Nimble and strong, Spydercranes are the solution you’ve been looking for.

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