Posted on February 25, 2015

"I'm in Europe. Can I rent from you?"


Where to find Spydercranes in Europe

We have a few clients over the year who have said that they’ve gone looking for the Spydercrane for work in Europe but can’t find it. There’s a simple reason for that: there are no Spydercranes in Europe, technically.


Yes. “Technically.” The reason is that outside the United States, the Spydercrane goes by a different name:

Spydercranes are called the “UNIC Mini-Crawler Crane” in Europe

We believe the reason for the name change was to give it more of a American-style name.

The great thing is that, for the most part, the model numbers are the same, give or take a dash placement. In Europe and abroad, the URW 295 would be known as a UR-W295, and so on. The machine ratings are typically identical as well.

Where to find a distributor

The best place to start your search for a Spydercrane / UNIC Mini Crawler Crane is to start at the manufacturer website. They provide a list of international distributors. If your county has a distributor, it will be found there.

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photo credit: Furukawa UNIC on Pinterest

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