Posted on June 11, 2014

Chicago. Quad Cities. Springfield. It’s all Illinois to us

Chicago. Quad Cities. Springfield. It’s all Illinois to us

Some folks would tell you that Illinois is cut into two pieces: Chicago & the rest of the state. They would have you look no further than showing a classic photograph of Chicago’s majestic skyline placed side-by-side next to the recent article that came out which labeled Illinois as the flattest state in the union. That’s before they point out tax revenue and job growth.

It’s all Illinois to us

We look at our state as one big whole. We’re just as happen to drop off a Spydercrane mini crane downtown at a Loop high rise as we are to do a delivery to a construction site in Effingham.

We love our state

We love knowing that whether it’s a quick trip to the quad cities or slick run down to Staunton with a stopover in East St. Louis, each delivery we make grows another piece of our home.

Sales, Rental & Maintenance discounts to Illinois

Because Illinois is our home, and because we can, we typically run sales, rental and maintenance discounts for even our most coveted Spydercranes. The usual discount is Free Delivery, but when you contact us, please asks us if we have anything else running.

The prairie state is a pure joy for us to work in

And we hope that one day, everybody sees our state as we see it: united. Brothers and sisters should never fight over such things.

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