Posted on May 20, 2015

Inside the Spydercrane URW 376

Inside the Spydercrane URW 376

The URW 376 often gets overlooked when stacked up against the others in the Spydercrane line. It lifts slightly more than does a URW 295 but isn’t able to fit through a single wide door. No, sir, the 376 can only slip through a double-wide door. It’s also heavier and provides a wider working radius.

But the last thing you can do is dismiss the URW 376. It’s a bulldog.

It’s durability

One would be hard-pressed to find a mini-crawler crane that can pull the duty of a URW 376. It’s modest 6,475 lbs. comes with a working radius over 47 feet. That in itself is more than worth it, even if it can only sneak through a double-wide door.

It’s weight and other basics

The URW 376 sits at just over 4 tons. We offer diesel and diesel / electric engines to help motor up to a 24 horsepower engine. Hold onto your hats as it travels at just under 2 miles an hour when it is going from location to location to set up. Like all the other Spydercranes, the 376 overs 360 degree functionality. It stays relatively quiet in comparison to other like cranes, registering at 70 decibels when it is growing.

All the other bells and whistles are available as well

Mylar tracks, remote control, and all the hitch availabilities that have becoming synonymous with our line of mini crawler cranes.

Best of all: it’s price for its value.

It does similar projects to its bigger brothers, but helps out with tighter projects.

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