Posted on July 9, 2014

Can Spydercranes go through the Kentucky Bluegrass? And other things to know…

Every construction project has their unique terrain that has to be taken into consideration. In Nevada, it’s typically the hot temperatures. In northwest Oregon, the Pacific Ocean’s salt air needs to be factored in. When it comes to Kentucky, it all depends on location. We’ve never seen a flat spot in Eastern Kentucky. We’ve only found a few in Western Kentucky, give or take a horse race track.

No matter where you go in Kentucky, you’ll find that legendary blue grass. When our drivers send back a picture of our Spydercranes crawling the green flowing terrain, we swell up with pride.

Our Spydercranes have more than enough juice to give your construction projects their much-needed lift, whether they’re in the hilltops or the grassy fields. Because of their compact designs, our specific mini cranes are also adept at navigating through those nooks and crannies that most cranes of similar strength can’t seem to wedge through without leaving their mark, physically.

From Louisville to Lexington, Harlan County to Elizabethtown, the Virginias to the Mississippi river, our cranes can get the job done.

Contact us today to learn more about the Spydercrane’s dexterity, determination and durability. Make sure to ask about our Free delivery discounts. We typically run them throughout the year.

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