Posted on November 12, 2014

The influence of Lake County, IL

They bicker. They fight. They compete. They have rivalries, but if anyone outside of Lake or Cook County, IL says a bad word about either one, they jump to defend each other. Thus is the sibling rivalry between our office’s home county, Cook County, IL, and our neighbors to the north on Lake County.

Any county that has to deal with the Wisconsin line deserves a little respect (rivalry humor). It’s no wonder we don’t get called on more to help Lake County build a moat on their northern line (Yes, we’re kidding).

Lake County’s growth

Good-natured rivalry humor aside, Lake County, IL is vital to not only Chicago, but for Illinois as well as our neighbors in Wisconsin. Their influence, resources and assertiveness provides growth and opportunities. The growth and opportunities mean construction projects. Construction projects need materials. And when those materials need a boost, they need mini crawler cranes like the ones provided by Spydercranes.

Mini Crawler Crane Discounts and Specials to Lake County, IL

We almost spend as much time in Lake County as we do in our home of Cook County, IL. With all the time we spend there, we often offer specials and discounts for our entire line of Spydercranes. Customers get better deals with their Spydercrane mini crawler crane sales, rentals and maintenance deals. Our drivers get to double-up on runs, making it a win-win for everyone.

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