Posted on November 19, 2014

The beauty of Lake County, IN

If one wanted to see a Monet-like painting in real life, all one would have to do is stand along the shores of Lake Michigan and watch as the first light casts its rays along the shores of Lake County, IN. The mechanical monsters from the steel mill industry share the coast with some of nature’s most majestic beauty, creating the type of integrated beauty Claude himself painted.

We (okay, me) often wonder if such imagery helps inspire Lake County, IN grow and continue to achieve impressive feats of industry, commerce, and logistics. With all forms of travel - air, water, road, and rail - at their fingertips, it’s any wonder why through peaks and valleys, the nation turns to the area to see what it next plans to do.

Construction and growth in Lake County, IN

As we’ve mentioned before, Lake County, IN is fraught with logistics. Interstates 80,90,94 and 65 dissect the state as do 5 of the nations Class 1 Railroads. The Port of Indiana is right next door and the Gary-Chicago Airport helps fills in the gaps. With all the attention the steel mills still command to the area, Lake County, IN is still a hotspot for growth and infrastructure projects in both the private and public sector.

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