Posted on July 12, 2017

Lifting Machine Maintenance: Summer 2017

Lifting Machine Maintenance: Summer 2017

'Tis the 2017 peak season in construction. Deadline after deadline rushes up on you like interstate road signs. Teams work morning, noon, and night to get while the getting is good. Everything is rigid, paced quickly, and at times it feels like the merry-go-round will never stop.

But everything comes to an end. Summer doesn't last forever. Just make sure it doesn't end before it's supposed to because you're not taking care of the details, such as your caring for equipment which includes those stalwart Spydercrane mini crawler cranes.

To help keep projects moving through their peak season, remember to stay on top of the following:

1 - Perform routine equipment inspections.

Big issues are easy to find. Find them, take care of them. But make sure to look for the pesky little things: small cracks in seals and gradual slips in performance. Little things become big things if left unattended. Make sure you frequently go over your equipment. Especially during the hot, long days of summer, the littlest thing can quickly become exacerbated if not treated.

2 - Keep checking the gauges.

Those red lines are there for a reason. "E" usually means empty, and if there's no charge, there's no charge. Don't go pushing past the recommended limits. Not during peak season. Not, ever. The summertime season is more of a marathon than a sprint. Don't sacrifice the days ahead for the extra few minutes here and there in the present.

3 - Make sure maintenance is up-to-date.

Like the gauges, the machine's maintenance schedule is there for a reason. Once you hit your hours and your reps, it's time to get the machines looked at. I know, we sound like the school recess monitor everyone on the elementary school playground wants to ignore, but the durability and depth of work you get out of your liftings is typically relational to how you take care of them. Treat them more like gold, and less like brass.

4 - Running a part past its End of Life? 'Tis not the season

If parts are reaching their end-of-life, it's time to replace them. They're independently rated for specific uses for good reasons. Try to avoid being those scary tales of accidents that occurred (and made the news…) because a part was over-used. No project needs that. No employee needs that.

Need an extra set of hands to keep your Spydercranes mini crawlers running? We can help.

Contact us today and we'll help you figure out maintenance services that fit with your project schedules and within your budgets.

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