Posted on April 16, 2014

Lifting the Lexington / Frankfort, KY region

There’s no horsing around when it comes to the Lexington / Frankfort, KY area. Seriously. With clear, defined rules in Lexington's urban areas designed to protect horse farms from becoming subdivisions and commercial parks, the area growth will continue to maintain its identity for the foreseeable future.

With such emphasis placed on preserving its look and feel, those looking to grow and build need to make the most of their space: down, left, right and up. Such rules feel tailor-made for the use of mini cranes such as Spydercranes.

Steady growth. Affordable living. Just another day in Lexington

Ranked by Forbes as the 27th best place for business and careers and with affordable median home prices, the Lexington / Frankfort area remains true to form, growing steady over the course of time. Lexington is also ranked high for populations with college degrees. Continued growth means continued opportunities.

Lexington / Frankfort, KY, Spydercrane mini crane sales, rental and maintenance opportunities

Sitting at the intersection of Interstates 64 & 75, the Lexington / Frankfort area provides as much logistical convenience as it does economic opportunities. Because we’re so frequently in the area even when we aren’t doing business in the cities, we typically offers sales and discounts. Those opportunities frequently include Free Delivery throughout the year.

From the starting gate to the home stretch, we’re invested in Lexington

If you have a little job that needs a big lift or a big job that needs to be taken to the top, Great Lakes Lifting’s official line of Spydercranes are the mini crawler cranes you need. Contact us today to get started.

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