Posted on October 1, 2014

Feeling Highway Construction Boom in the Milwaukee Area

One can always tell when our offices have heard about an area construction boom. There’s a renewed sense of optimism so tangible one can taste it. The coffee tastes better. The bagels smell fresher. Someone usually does a breakfast sandwich run.

When our sense are all the more enhanced when we hear the construction boom is just up the road, like the one up in Milwaukee, well, let’s just say there’s usually steak in those breakfast sandwiches.

The upside of Freeway Construction in Milwaukee

For the most part, freeway construction is a pain, especially for fellow commuters. Days start earlier. Nights start later. Drive times feel like forever.

But freeway construction also means maintenance and growth. More potholes repaired. More driving opportunities. For the workers in Wisconsin, it means years of much-needed job opportunities. Those additional jobs means an influx of commerce and opportunity to the area, benefiting everyone in the area either directly or indirectly.

Including equipment constructions like us

Construction jobs beget construction jobs. We experience the benefits as well. We beam with pride every time our Spydercrane mini crawler cranes contribution to growth in areas close to home.

Congratulations goes out the the Milwaukee area. Here’s to hoping the freeway construction creates opportunities that go on for generations - even if we have to drive a little longer to work while it gets started.

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