Posted on September 24, 2014

Is a Spydercrane a Mini Crawler Crane?

In this industry, it can be tough to tell when the classification ends and the branding begins. For those who are just getting into the market for smaller-sized cranes and lifting equipment, the overlap in terminology can be daunting. “Is this different from that or is it a part of that?" Or "is it another name for that?"

Being an official Spydercrane dealer, we often get asked questions such as:

“Is a Spydercrane a mini crawler crane or is it different?”

“What makes a Spydercrane a mini crawler crane?”

The answers below should provide a little clarity:

Brief history of the mini crawler crane

As far back in the story as we know, the UNIC mini crawler crane is the invention of Furukawa UNIC. The cranes were originally tested, marketed and distributed in the Asia. Their distribution headed west towards Europe. As we mentioned in our “What is a Spydercrane?" article, the machines maintained the name “UNIC Mini Crawler Crane” during this expansion.

Spydercrane is a mini crawler crane

It wasn’t until expansion headed across the pond to the US did the name “Spydercrane,” get used. So, to answer the first question: “yes,” Spydercrane is a mini crawler crane.

To answer the second question, the Spydercrane is a UNIC mini crawler crane, in fact. Rebranded for US markets. This fact makes it part of the family.

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