Posted on May 20, 2015

Mini Telescopic Crawler Crane vs mini crawler cranes

Mini Telescopic Crawler Crane vs mini crawler cranes

The name we often get mistakenly used to refer to our Spydercrane mini crawler cranes is that of a telescopic crane. Mix and match the terms “mobile” and “mini” to the phrase and you’ll moreoreless catch all variations. The reference is very understandable. Mini Crawler Cranes and Mini Telescopic Cranes are very similar in scope and function. The offerings in their respective product lines match up quite well.

But if you’re still looking to spot the difference between the telescopic and the crawler cranes, we offer up these few distinct differences:

The spyderlegs vs. the cabin

The two most distinguished features in the cranes are the Telescopic crane’s cabin and the Spydercrane’s legs.

The telescopic cabin allows the crane operator to be shielded by the elements, allowing the operator to focus more on the task in front of him and less about worrying about having their vision obscured by wind, dirt, and other elements.

The stability...

While it’s true that the Spydercrane might not have a cabin where they can turn on the air conditioner. What it does have are its signature legs. They are used for more than a PR gimmick. When extended and implemented, the Spydercrane is able to hoisted incredible amounts of weight on unlevel and uneven surfaces. The feature makes it essentially on a variety of projects.

The compactibility

In addition to its legs, the spydercrane also has the capacity to curl itself into a tight little frame and be transported with a variety of vehicles and modes of transportations. This portability makes it easier for them to be stored.

The mobility

Have you ever tried to fit a Telescopic crane through a single-wide doorway?

Mark that victory for the Spydercrane.

We hope this helps. To hear about pricing and availability, contact us today.

photo credit: Furukawa UNIC on Pinterest

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