Posted on September 30, 2013

Minneapolis, MN Mini Crane & Crawler Crane Rentals & Sales

On one side of the Mississippi River lies Minneapolis. On the other side of the river rests St. Pauls. Their combined forces account for over 3.4 million residents in the area, making it the 2nd largest economic center in the Midwest. Cities with a rich and musical culture to complement its business interests, the Twin Cities seem to be growing in every facet imaginable.

Business Growth in Minneapolis / St. Pauls

The area economy is a beautiful blend of commerce, financial and logistics, proving that the residents work great with both their bodies and their minds. Minneapolis / St. Pauls’ diversity has led to consistent and prosperous growth in the 21st century. The growth has led to new market opportunities for Great Lakes Lifting’s line of UNIC Spydercranes.

Spydercrane mini crane rentals & discounts for Construction in the Minneapolis area

Because Twin Cities construction-based businesses continue to find new and exciting ways to use our mini cranes, we frequently offer sales and discounts to the area to help facilitate our area relationships. Please contact us to learn more about the latest discounts we are currently offering to the area.

Two cities to help build the area at twice the rate

With building and moving opportunities at seemingly every corner of the cities and bend in the Mississippi river, let Great Lakes Lifting’s UNIC Spydercranes help your reach your deadlines by reaching for the skies for you.

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