Posted on July 2, 2014

10,000 (lakes) worth of reasons to grow in Minnesota (give or take)

This isn’t a list of all 10,000 reasons why we’re happy when grow businesses in Minnesota. We’ll save that for their state’s EDCs.

This is a glowing little note earmarking the picturesque environment with which we’ve seen our Spydercranes used to lift, crawl, span and traverse goods & materials from majestic point A to scenic point B.

A state with four extremes seasons such as Minnesota needs equipment that can handle the conditions, especially when all those four seasons happen in the same day.

Great Lakes Lifting’s line of Spydercrane mini crawler cranes are built to handle everything Minnesota has to throw at it, from the harbors of Duluth to the metropolitan growth of the Twin Cities and all the lakes in between.

Because of our frequency to and through Minnesota, we offer sales and discounts throughout the year. Our main discount typically is Free Delivery to anywhere in the state. We might even offer a double bonus discount if anyone can name off – without looking at any study aids – all the lakes between Duluth and the Twin Cities.

To learn more about our mini cranes bridge the gaps in the commercial, industrial or residential construction projects you have in the Minnesota area, contact us today! We’ll even try to name all the lakes we know as well.

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