Posted on July 23, 2014

Crawlin' through Mizzou with Spydercranes

Missouri is a state that has a little bit of everything. When it comes to terrain, the Show-Me State has foothills, waterways, fields, plains, lakes, and swamps. When it comes to weather, prepare for everything at any time. They’ll even receive weather indirectly due to hurricanes.

When it comes to cities, growth, and construction, Missouri is just as diverse. Bisected West-to-East by Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis and with other anchors including Jefferson City, Branson and Joplin, Missouri has the stability to continue to adapt to an economy that seems to change with the weather.

Great Lakes Lifting’s line of Spydercrane mini crawler cranes were built with states like Missouri in mind. Our smallest cranes can fit through single-wide doors; our largest cranes which can still squeeze through double-wide doorways. All of our cranes are fit to handle the ever-changing conditions Missouri can throw at them.

Deals and Specials for Missouri

Because we’re so frequent running to and through ‘Mizzou, Great Lakes Lifting typically runs Spydercrane sales and specials throughout the year. Free Delivery is usually a given, but contact us today to see if we have anything else. You’ll never know what we’re willing to show the Show-Me state.

Our Missouri runs

We have drivers who’ll volunteer to run to St. Louis because they think we don’t know they’re Cardinals fans working out of Chicago. We have drivers who jump at the chance to go to Kansas City for the ribs - and we’ll let them do it provided they bring some ribs back. All our drivers are happy to be able to deliver our mini cranes to Missouri because of the big impact we all believe our little machines have. When you get your Spydercrane, you’ll see what we mean.

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