Posted on September 17, 2014

What is the difference between a mobile crane and a mini crawler crane?

While writing and publishing our answers to the common beginner’s questions and FAQs we receive, we found a variation of the following question is one that confuses several first-timers:

What is the difference between a mobile crane and a mini crawler crane?

Here’s our answer. We hope it helps:

Mini Crawler Cranes are a subset of Mobile Cranes

Mini Crawler Cranes can be classified as mobile cranes because they are self-propelling and have hydraulic-powered, cable-controlled cranes. As we discussed in our “Is a Spydercrane a Mobile Crane,” article, these qualifying features come from the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms. McGraw-Hill. 1999.

All Mini Crawler Cranes are Mobile Cranes, but not all Mobile Cranes are not Mini Crawler Cranes

The easy way to look at it would be that not all mobile cranes have the spyder stabilizing feature.

Spydercrane is both a Mini Crawler Crane and a Mobile Crane

Because the Spydercrane has all the essential features to classify as a mobile crane plus are the US-branded version of the Mini Crawler Cranes, they become the best of both worlds. With continual 360-degree rotation and remote control functionality, the Spydercrane is perfect for those jobs for those who wants to expound upon all facets of the term, “mobile.”

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