Posted on September 10, 2014

Is a Spydercrane a Mobile Crane?

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We get potential customers who ask us whether or not a Spydercrane is a mobile crane or can do the work of a traditional mobile crane.

The short answer: yes

According to the definition provided by the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms. McGraw-Hill. 1999 (source: Wikipedia), a Spydercrane is a mobile crane because it includes essential features such as a hydraulic powered, cable-controlled crane and self propelled models. These same features are found in each and every Spydercrane. This confirms that the Spydercrane is, in fact, a mobile crane.

Can the Spydercrane do the work of a mobile crane?

Of course we believe it can, but we invite you to see the stats for yourself. With unmatched torque, maneuverability and compactibility tight enough to fit through a standard-sized door (depending on which Spydercrane you choose), the Spydercrane is working its way up from being considered “a mobile mobile crane” to the mobile crane for the job. Click the “Spydercrane” button on the top of this page to see the specifications on our four biggest sellers.

We invite you to experience first hand the next wave in mobile cranes

The only thing more versatile than the Spydercrane are the sales and rental options for it. As an authorized dealer in the entire line of Spydercrane mini cranes, we are usually running promotions throughout the year. Contact us today to keep your next construction project on the up & up.

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