Posted on April 6, 2016

New Jersey - More than Sanitation and Import / Exports

New Jersey - More than Sanitation and Import / Exports

Ahhh, New Jersey, the perennial butt of New Yorker's jokes. Often stymied on television shows as the castoffs and rejects who couldn't cut it in the 5 boroughs, we quickly developed an appreciation for the Garden State when we got calls from New Jersey businesses. At first we thought it was our marketing team being (not-so) funny & practicing their accents. But when the Spydercranes shipped & the checks cleared, we figured out two things:

  1. New Jersey is for real.
  2. New Jersey is more than what we see in pop culture

Industries in New Jersey where Spydercrane can help

Here are a few samples of what industries we have or could receive calls about:

1) Do you like blueberries? There's a pretty good chance that the next one you eat came from a New Jersey farm. All that hoisting, lifting, and building of equipment and storage to keep large volume farming competitive is right up Spydercrane alley.

2) Next time you get prescription medication, check the manufacturer. There's a good chance it came from a New Jersey-owned company. The industrial equipment doesn't transport itself from location to location.

3) Electrical equipment, energy, seafood, dairy, and of course, the import / export business: all those industries typically call on mini crawler cranes such as Spydercrane to streamline their smaller, on-site resource logistic needs.

Typical Deals, Discounts, and Specials to the New Jersey area

As much as we would love to fly frequently into Teterboro and limo out to Atlantic City on weekends, the truth is most all our trips to the area are for pickups and deliveries. Because of our frequency to the area, we typically offer Free Rental discounts for long term rentals, and other services & deals throughout the year. Why? Because we want your business and it benefits everyone when we get to send our drivers out with multiple deliveries. Everybody wins.

Contact us today to learn how Spydercrane can help grow your business in the Garden State.

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