Posted on September 30, 2014

Getting a Spydercrane in Oklahoma “sooner” rather than later

It’s the land of oil refineries, cattle, and enterprise. Of open plains, long breezes and perseverance. It’s where the people are known for determination, grit, and perseverance.

Oklahoma is a state that knows how to get their hands in the dirt and work until the job is done.

Business: from Oklahoma City & Tulsa all the way through the panhandle

When it comes to business, Oklahoma is a state that makes the most of what it has to work with. Such opportunities and attitude leads to construction projects.

A state with such no-nonsense dedication to tasks at hand needs equipment that can keep up. When it comes to construction projects, the tool needed to move equipment and materials from a tight place in location A to a higher-up place in location B is a Spydercrane.

Spydercrane is a tool that gets the most out of its compact frame, raising loads to new heights while still being able to roll on it’s own through the front door.

Don’t let the crawler in mini crawler crane description fool you. Spydercranes are efficient, versatile and true to their description, they’re mobile.

The Oklahoma specials: the Sooner the better.

We know Interstates 44, 40 and 35 like the backs of our hand. Because of our frequency and proximity to Oklahoma, we often run sales and specials through to all corners of the state. Make sure to ask about our “Free Delivery” discounts when you contact us.

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