Posted on August 12, 2015

Outriggers: Positions, Configurations, and

Outriggers: Positions, Configurations, and

We affectionately call them, “Spyderlegs.” Everyone else calls them but their industry name: Outriggers. Whatever you call them, our Spyderleg Outriggers are the key to our Spydercrane’s mini crawler crane success. They help keep everything stable in order to get those loads lifted to the highest heights. Without them, our machines are just glorified carnival rides.

The Spyderlegs are precious and deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect.

The other thing to remember is that each Spydercrane has a different number of outrigger configurations / positions.

The Outrigger Configurations / Positions depend...

...On Terrain

There are websites out there that will tell you that, “Oh, the URW-295 has 52 Outrigger Position combinations,” or “The 095? Yeah, it has 62 combinations?” While schematically it is true, the truth is that the combinations are contingent upon the terrain. If you have flat, sturdy surfaces, then there are several combinations. If the terrain is sloped or rocky, then the combinations are fewer.

...The Weight of the Loads...

The weight of the load also factors in the configuration. Each outrigger position has a weight bearing. The heavy load weight bearings can handle the lighter loads, meaning that the lighter the load, the more outrigger positions available for the load.

...The Size of the Machines

The size of the machine also contributes to the position configuration. For example, the URW-706 and URW-1006 can handle heavier weights at the different outrigger positions than can the URW-095. So, the 52-62 outrigger positions advertised for the smaller cranes don’t mean as much of the weight needing to be lifted is beyond what the machines.

Know the Load. Know the Terrain. Pick the Crane.

Know what you’ll need going into the project, and the outrigger positions will end up picking themselves.

Want the Outrigger Position charts to do the math yourself?

Contact us today and we’ll send you out material on our cranes. In there you will find everything you need to know, including load maxes AND outrigger positions. Then if you have any further questions, please ask us. We’ll be happy to help.

photo credit: Furukaka UNIC Corporate via Pinterest

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