Posted on August 20, 2014

From the city with 2,000 bridges to the city of brotherly love

Pennsylvania is a state so expansive that it touches the Midwest yet connects the Great Lakes to the the Atlantic Ocean with minimal assistance from a couple rivers. Because of the state's strong anchor cities including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the opportunities are equally as vast.

A majestic blend of mountains, rivers, farms, raw materials and international commerce centers means Pennsylvania has needs for construction projects from all walks of life.

Mini crawler cranes as dynamic as the Spydercrane are the perfect machines for such a diverse ecosphere.

Pennsylvania, where straight-on through is the long way

It wouldn’t be unheard to find our Spydercranes assisting in the Pittsburgh mills then being moved out to the suburbs for commercial construction projects. It should by now be a common site to see them perched on buildings in the middle of Philadelphia’s infamous rush hours. We wouldn’t have been surprised to see them at Dunder Mifflin, too. The reason for our pat-on-back assurances is because Spydercranes can practically go and work anywhere.

Spydercrane sales and discounts to the Keystone State

We’ve been to and through Pennsylvania more times than anyone but our accountants can count. Because we travel through the commonwealth so frequently, we usually provide the Free Delivery discounts. Contact us today to learn more about our sales offerings.

Building resources in the Coal (and the Oil) State

It’s a state for all people. Spydercrane is a machine for all mobile crane jobs. Sounds like a perfect match to us.

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