Posted on March 2, 2016

PowerGrip Glass Handling Tool - 5 things to know

PowerGrip Glass Handling Tool - 5 things to know

Not everything we are asked to lift is with a hook. Sometimes, the goods and materials that need hoisted above require a gentle touch. This is especially true when the material is glass.

Luckily, the Spydercrane team was already at work on the problem. Their solution: the Power-Grip Glass Handler. It's the go-to for when glass needs to be hoisted or installed into walls and ceilings.

Below are 5 facts you should be aware of regarding the Spydercrane Power-Grip Glass Handler. It will help you get a grip on how it works (and, yes, we went there with the pun).

1) Stepless precision during rotation

No hitch, no glitch. Smooth and seamless rotation to fit the glass perfectly into its location, regardless of whether it is fitting into a wall or up / down into a ceiling or floor.

2) Can lift up to 600KG (1,322 .lbs)

The Power-Grip doesn't only handle the simple glass, but heavier pieces of glass that weigh over a half-ton.

3) Radio remote control

To be able to lift those extra weights, the device is able to be manipulated by remote control. This augments the freedom and the ability to safely move those extra pieces of glass more safely.

4) For rental, and maintenance

If you want to rent the Power-Grip glass handler for short term or long term use. For those who have it and need regular care maintenance, we offer plans as well.

5) And only 170KG

While surely not a light piece of machinery, the size is still pretty tame in comparison. And for what it can do, attached to the end of a sturdy Spydercrane, it is a timesaver as well as an incredible asset to any construction project.

The clear choice in glass handling, contact us today to get a grip on the Power-Grip glass handler.

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