Posted on March 5, 2014

Rallying behind Raleigh-Durham’s economic boom with our Spydercranes

Raleigh, North Carolina is not your typical state capital. They are in the middle of an economic boom, and being the state capital has very little to do with it. Granted, Raleigh has all the perks and responsibilities that go along with the job. but it’s the participation in North Carolina’s Research triangle that has the high-tech jobs coming to them.

With growth in the last 20 years unlike any they’ve ever seen in their long, illustrious history which dates back to the 16th century, there’s no wonder how Raleigh continues to pile up the Top Ten city awards. From Forbes to Business Week, the City of Oaks is going to need a bigger trophy room due to the 21st century accolades.

The construction needs for Raleigh, NC

Such growth requires infrastrure. Someone’s going to have to build the support system. And someone’s going to have to help supply the tools and equipment needed to keep up with such a prosperous effort. That’s where we come in.

Supplying deals and specials on Spydercrane mini cranes in the Raleigh area

Raleigh / Durham’s whirlwind of construction work hasn’t gone unnoticed by our sales team. Because of our frequent trips to the area, we are often running sales, rental and maintenance specials on our entire line of Spydercrane mini cranes. This deals typically include Free Shipping throughout North Carolina.

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