Posted on October 30, 2013

Recent Indianapolis Spydercrane Mini Crane Rentals & Sales

One of the great things about Indianapolis is that given its location, we typically drive through the area regardless of whether or not we have a delivery for the city. It’s on our routes to Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh and most areas of the Southeast. It’s true we’re on Interstate 65 seemingly every day. We just don’t believe “Crossroads of America,” befits Indianapolis because the city has been so kind to us. She never turns us and our cranes away.

Indianapolis keeps growing

Nothing excites us more than seeing heavy equipment machinery in motion. We seem to see at least one site in action every time we are cutting through the city. Of course, it makes us even happier when one of our Spydercrane mini cranes has a bird’s eye view of the action atop one of the many skyscrapers that are adorning the growing skyline. The email requests and reports we read lead us to believe that the over 2 million residents of The Circle City area - from Lafayette to Bloomington - will continue to work at growing their area.

Rent a Spydercrane mini crane in the Indianapolis area

Because of our frequent trips to and through Naptown, we are seemingly always running sales, rentals and repair specials on our line of Spydercrane mini cranes. To learn about the latest deals and specials to the area, please give us a call.

Helping to build the Crossroads of America?

If you have a commercial, industrial or residential project in the greater Indianapolis area and are looking to help elevate your efforts to new heights, give Great Lakes Lifting a call. We’ll get your tools and materials up where they belong.

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