Posted on February 3, 2016

Do Spydercranes have a remote controls?

Do Spydercranes have a remote controls?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Oh, is it fun. And, safe. SAFE, and fun. Let's qualify :-).

The remote control is one of the standard safety features on all Spydercranes

It is a full-functioning remote control. Not one of those that just go, up and down. Extend, contract, hoist, rotate, all the features you would find on the control panel in the control seat area you will find on the remote.

The control is a hard-wired device so you aren’t able to do whirly-spins and treat it like an amusement ride; it would wrap up like a string on a spool, an act in which we're certain would void the warranty on multiple counts. Sorry, no taking tickets for this ride.

But with the hard-wired cord, you are able to complete all the needed work with the Spydercrane, from a very safe distance. For example, those afraid of heights don't have to sit in the machine when doing work in high-rises or close to the edge.

Another example: when there’s a slope or uneven terrain, there’s no need to go along for the ride with your Spydercrane to get the work done. Just unwind the remote, step away from the machine, and execute from a distance you feel secure with.

A few things to remember when using the remote

1) This doesn't turn the Spydercrane into a super machine: The Spydercrane isn't like Peter Parker. It doesn't have comic book superpowers once you begin using the remote. Don't try to use the machine beyond its specifications and ratings just because you're not inside. That's a great way to damage a machine or, worse, hurt someone.

2) This doesn't mean the Spydercrane can now operate in more dangerous conditions: Once again, just because you're no longer in the machine doesn't mean the machine's specs have magically changed. Working and environmental conditions lower than what ratings allow don't automatically disappear once you go remote. They still apply.

Be safe and smart with the remote, as you would without it

Keep to the safety specifications and you'll have a long, safe, productive working relationship with Spydercranes for seasons to come.

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