Posted on January 9, 2015

For how long can we rent a Spydercrane?

For how long can we rent a Spydercrane?

Sometimes, customers only need a Spydercrane for an odd job or two. Other times, the machines are purchased by the fleet. When it comes to rentals, there are short rentals and long rentals. And in some cases, a perpetual rental is asked.

But can one rent a Spydercrane indefinitely? What are the rules?

There is no end date on a rental agreement

Technically, one can rent a Spydercrane indefinitely. If it is feasible for a customer’s needs, perpetual agreements can occur. We have daily, weekly, and monthly contracts, especially for clients whose needs vary from month to month. We have annual contracts. In the end, it all depends on the customer needs.

Eventually, one can purchase a Spydercrane

We have several customers who use becomes so consistent that they eventually decide to purchase a machine. We offer maintenance and service agreements so the machines can keep working, helping to validate the purchase decision.

Rental and Maintenance: whatever the need

Every customer’s needs is unique. Every situation is equally as unique. When we talk to our customers, we enjoy hearing about their individual circumstances. From there, we can craft a plan for them that is both efficient and effective. They can, if they’d like, rent forever. It all depends on their needs.

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