Posted on October 22, 2014

Rockin' & Rollin' in Rockford, IL

Big constructions projects are big responsibilities. They come with big potential paydays and big opportunities for everyone involved. That doesn’t mean the jobs are left to only the big cities.

With infrastructure upgrade in constant demand and industrial construction always a possibility, companies in the field have to be able to go anywhere in the country to help bring projects to completion.

It’s why our Spydercranes have gone from the high-rises of Chicago to mid-sized cities such as Rockford, IL.

Rockford & Construction

Rockford, IL, is a midwest transportation hub anchored by the intersections of interstates 90 & 39. US Routes 20 and 51 also pass through as well as additional state roads. Freight rail and air are also logistical fine points for the area.

Because of the opportunities, several manufacturers keep an eye on the Rockford area.

Specials and discounts for Rockford, IL

With Rockford right down the road from our corporate offices, we often find ourselves in the area. Because of our frequency down Interstate 90 to our nearby neighbors, we usually run our Free Delivery discounts to the area. If you are from the Rockford area or are about to do business there, let us know.

Rocking and rolling in Rockford

Whether you’re working on a construction project in Rockford or are looking to take a mini crawler crane on your project, Great Lakes Lifting has the tools to get the project lifted onto a proper foundation.

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