Posted on June 24, 2015

Safe load indicator? Do Spydercranes have one?

Safe load indicator? Do Spydercranes have one?

Ever started to pick up a load with a crane, thinking you might, probably know the weight you’re lifting but you knew you weren’t completely sure? It was a great guess, but it’s not exactly accurate.

Now take that scenario towards the heavy end of the lifting maximums, and the situation becomes more precarious.

Don’t worry, your estimations are supported by the Safe Load Indicator

The Safe Load Indicator is a sensor that measures whether or not the load that is being lifted is within the weight parameters specified for the crane. If the sensor recognizes the weight is too high at any point along the lift, regardless of what length and height the crane is extended, the light goes off.

At this moment, you are lifting past specs. Your load is too heavy. It’s time to reel it in.

It’s “safety first” with Spydercranes

Spydercranes are built with several safety features to make sure each load lifted is done with workplace safety in mind. We want to make sure those on, around, or anywhere new the job can go home safely at night.

Want to learn more about the weights that Spydercranes can burden?

Contact us today. We’ll help you learn more about carrying that weight.

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