Posted on December 24, 2014

Where in the News to look for Spydercranes

Where in the News to look for Spydercranes

It’s no secret that the Spydercrane is on the cutting edge of mini crawler crane technology. And who would want to keep that a secret? We do our best to shout it to the rooftops.

To stay on top of the latest enhancements to the machine, we recommend that readers monitor the following locations:

Our News & Features Blog

We wouldn’t have much confidence in ourselves if we put anyone else first. We provide news, information, and how-to’s for all things Spydercrane. We also provide email updates. To subscribe, please fill out the form on the website.

Furukawa UNIC Corporation Website

Who is Furukawa UNIC? They are the inventors and manufacturers of the Spydercrane. Their website does a great job of providing news and information on the latest international dealings with the Spydercrane. If you want to see how Spydercrane is truly becoming a universal machine, the Furukawa website is truly the place to go.


Google News Search

The best place to track all the dealings of Spydercrane and the Mini Crawler Crane industry is going to and perform a Google News Search. There you will find the latest, most recent information on the industry as a whole.

Keep tabs on Spydercrane. Stay along the cutting edge

It’s not enough to get to the cutting edge of the industry. The only way to maintain a position on the cutting edge is to continue to innovate and perform. We invite you to keep tabs on the Spydercrane as it continues to set the edge.

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