Posted on February 19, 2014

Spydercrane Rentals & Sales in Columbus, OH - “The Biggest Small Town in America”

Any city that can help Jesse Owens run through racial barriers, Jack Nicklaus transcend golf, and Dave Thomas elevate a hamburger chain named for his granddaughter to unprecedented heights, is a city that knows how to grow together. “The Biggest Small Town in America,” is a beautiful blend of white and blue collared opportunities, balanced ever-so-delicately by a diverse educational and training backboned by The Ohio State University and four companies located in the Fortune 500. All the ingredients has earned Columbus, OH an impressive list of awards and top rankings from such organizations as MarketWatch and Forbes Magazine.

Construction in “Arch City,” Columbus, Ohio

If any city has a model for recession-proof growth, it’s Columbus. Because of its balance of major industries, Columbus grows a relatively consistent rate. High tech, healthcare and hospitality all help support the city As well as energy, defense and insurance. Such stability calls for a steady stream of construction - which is news we like to hear.

Sypdercrane Rentals and Discounts for Columbus, OH area

With its proximity to cities including Cincinnati, Cleveland & Indianapolis, we’re often near Columbus even when we’re not making deliveries to the area. Because of competition, demand and logistical proximity, we offer sales and rentals discounts and specials throughout the year. Please contact us to learn more about our latest Columbus-area discounts.

Helping build Columbus, from the foundation to the skyscrapers

The center of the Buckeye state provides an incredible foundation for the rest of the state. We like helping to grow that foundation one crane rental at a time. For more information on how our mini cranes can make a big difference to the Columbus area, please contact us!

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