Posted on August 31, 2014

Is it Spydercrane, Spyder Crane or Spider Crane?

Is it Spydercrane, Spyder Crane or Spider Crane?

For a name that’s simple to say and easy to remember, there sure are a lot of spelling variations. It ends up being one of the biggest questions we get?

Is it “Spydercrane,” or “Spider Crane?”

The answer is, “for US-based customers, the proper word is ‘Spydercrane.’ One word. With a ‘Y’.”

The online data would suggest...

The funny part is that according to our online advertising data, slightly more people search for it with two words and with the traditional spelling of the word, “Spider.” It would make sense because the cranes were developed and are built by our close friends at Furukawa UNIC. They were first launched abroad where they are known as UNIC Mini Crawler Cranes, but when we bring them over to the US, the Spydercrane name is slapped on.

The answer is...

In the US, they’re Spydercranes.

In the EU & abroad, they are UNIC Mini Crawler Cranes.

Same great machines. Same great product lines. The difference is only in the branding.

No matter how you say it

You will find our incredible line of compact mini cranes big enough to tackle your lifting jobs.

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