Posted on May 27, 2015

Spydercrane vs Truck Mounted Cranes

Spydercrane vs Truck Mounted Cranes

We’ll start by not burying the lead. There’s no secret or revelation here: a Spydercrane mini crawler crane is not a truck-mounted crane. While both are made by the parent company, Furukawa UNIC Global, both are as different as the sun and moon.

To answer the follow-up question: no. Typically speaking, the Spydercrane and the truck-mounted cranes do not work as interchangeable parts. As wonderful, efficient, and as helpful as it would be, the features are not available at this time.

Spydercranes can be transported by truck, but that’s about it.

The crane gets its stability from its legs. Those legs spread much wider than any truck bed we’ve ever seen.

Leave the truck mounted lifting for the truck-mounted cranes

Truck-mounted cranes can lift incredible amounts and have unparalleled mobility thanks to its mode of transportation. There’s really no substituting for it. We do not recommend trying to pretend one can do the same with a Spydercrane on the back of a truck.

Leave the tight-fits for the Spydercrane

Spydercranes get into nooks and crannies that truck-mounted cranes should never dare try. Single doorways, elevators and quaint lifts are all part of the Spydercrane’s mobile army.

Don’t be afraid to use both cranes on a job

We’ll keep your secret.

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photo credit: Furukawa UNIC on Pinterest

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