Posted on October 23, 2013

Spydercranes Crawling the Quad Cities Area

The Quad Cities is a shining example of what happens when people work together. If you look at the cities separately, the (believe it or not) five cities (according to the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce) of Davenport & Bettendorf, IA and Moline, East Moline & Rock Island, IL, look like ordinary middle-American towns. But when they unite as the Quad Cities, they become a force to be reckon with. Their efforts have generated well-earned, much-deserved international attention.

Quad Cities growth

The resurgence of the Quad Cities area has been the result of a recovery from lost manufacturing jobs. As they balance out their economic opportunities, they continue to build upon their success with a focus on improved infrastructure. Whe are fortunate that our Spydercrane mini cranes can be seen helping to grow the area one building at a time. Witnessing such evolution of the change never gets lost on us.

Mini Crane discount sales and specials for the Quad Cities area

Given all the logistical opportunities in the Quad Cities, when we are not delivering to the area,  we are often going through it. Because of our frequency, we are often run discounts and specials throughout the Quad Cities area. Contact us today to learn about the most recent deals and specials.

Building in the Quad Cities?

Whether you’re along Interstate 80, 280, along the Mississippi River or just around one of the 5 cities of the Quad Cities, let Great Lakes Lifting help get your projects up and over the competition.

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