Posted on September 25, 2013

St. Louis, MO Mini Crane & Crawler Crane Rentals & Sales

St. Louis, MO Mini Crane & Crawler Crane Rentals & Sales

With a balance of manufacturing, health care, and service sector jobs, the greater St. Louis area and its over 3 million residents has been clawing its way into the 21st century. Given the influx of Midwesterners migrating to the South and West, St. Louis has been making strides in giving incentives for businesses to grow with them. The city’s investments in startups and biotech are appearing to earn a positive return.

Construction in St. Louis, MO

The ROI has helped keep construction consistent throughout the area. Both residential & commercial construction efforts have seen more good days than bad. Great Lakes Lifting has been doing its part to help keep “The Gateway to the West,” polished and open for business.

Spydercrane mini crane rentals & discounts for Construction in the St. Louis area

Great Lakes Lifting has helped shape the city’s Mississippi river shoreline in recent years, elevating materials and goods high above the riverside. Our cranes have helped cut down on building and moving projects, helping to contribute to the speed of growth in St. Louis.

Given the opportunities in the St. Louis area, Great Lakes Lifting typically offers sales and rentals discounts on all our UNIC Spydercrane lines throughout the year. To learn more about our latest deals, please contact us today.

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