Posted on January 20, 2016

What is too steep of an incline for a Spydercrane?

What is too steep of an incline for a Spydercrane?

From the email questions:

"What is too steep of an incline for a Spydercrane?"

Great question. We want to give you a simple answer. We like simple answers. Simple answers are easier for the customers - and for us - to grasp.

So while we'd love to get you a simple answer, trying to sum the incline maximums for a Spydercrane would simply lead you into trouble. It depends on the ratings, specifications, terrain and weather conditions for the type of Spydercrane you are using. From there, it is math. Short answer: Follow the manual guidelines for your Spydercrane models. If you have rough terrain and / or rough weather, consult with us first.

Each Spydercrane rate differently.

It's not just the size and durability of a machine that matters, but more than one engine type / style is available for your machine. This means factoring in different outputs, weights, and maneuverability.

There is no one-size-fits-all manual

The smallest Spydercrane, the URW-094, lifts just about 1 ton. The largest Spydercrane, the URW-1006, lifts about 10 tons. The same manual would never come close to applying to both without filling it with so much comparable data that it would making it denser than the most dreaded of textbooks.

And a little common sense

If you have unsafe conditions, blaming your decision to forge through based on, "well the manual said," wouldn't be advised. For example, if the manual says that the Spydercrane can go up to a 20% grade at 1.43MPH, but if loose rocks fill up or it just got a nice dose of freezing rain, then you might want to reconsider going up there.

Want to use a Spydercrane yet not go over the edge?

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