Posted on September 3, 2014

Texas-sized Spydercrane mini crawler crane specials

There’s a reason why folks say things are always bigger in Texas. It’s the state that’s so big that one can drive straight from sunup to sundown and never leave. It’s a state whose independent spirit produces incredible leaders, flourishing companies and bountiful opportunities.

And when it comes to construction, their projects are so orchestrated one could sell tickets to it.

It’s the “Lone Star State” for a reason: there is not another one like it.

From Houston to El Paso, Amarillo to Corpus Christi

Business is a higher-stakes game in Texas. Whether you’re in the the Live Music Capital of the world in Austin, up and down the silicon prairie, or out in the ranching fields, you come to Texas with a handshake and your best foot forward.

Great Lakes Lifting understands that when it comes to construction projects in Texas, speed and efficiency are paramount. It’s why we’ve adapted our business model to deal exclusively with Spydercrane mini crawler cranes. Nothing does more with less than Spydercranes.

Texas-sized Spydercrane mini crawler crane sales, rentals and repair specials

As our delivery trucks constantly criss-cross the country, we often have Texas on our scheduled routes. Because of our frequency and opportunities to the area, we’re almost always offering sales and rental discounts throughout the state of Texas. That includes Free Delivery.

Texas-sized power and maneuverability

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