Posted on April 27, 2016

The auxiliary winch kit is essential

The auxiliary winch kit is essential

We had a great question come in this month from a first-time prospect regarding a pretty unique Spydercrane mini crawler crane feature:

"Hi, Great Lakes Lifting,

"The guys in the demo crew were wishing they had a winch during tear down. When we were researching your site for a mini crane, we found that your Spydercranes have an 'auxiliary winch.' Are they any good or are they just there for show?"

"Just there for show?" Ha! What a great question. We love when people hold nothing back.

Rest assured. The auxiliary winches are more than "for show." For sure.

The Spydercrane auxiliary winch kit is an essential piece of equipment on jobs that go from tear down to finished project, with any and all variations included therein. They are so much more than glitz and glam.

Besides, that would be a whole lot of wasted metal to be used as a glorified diamond-plated hub cap or vanity plate.

Spydercrane Auxiliary Winch Kit & Features

Below is a list of features and capacities included with the kit:

  • Pin On Auxiliary Boom Tip
  • 2000 lbs. Capacity Winch
  • Overhaul Ball w/ Hook & Safety Latch
  • ~ 330 ft. Wire Rope
  • Works w/ Spydercrane Radio Remote Control


This kit is available for all makes as models of Spydercrane, including the new "Eco-Friendly" URW-093.

We provide all things Spydercrane Winches

Like every other Spydercrane accessory, we provide rental and repair services on the auxiliary winch as well as all its features & functions.

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