Posted on December 9, 2015

Where to Get a Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane in Downtown Chicago

Where to Get a Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane in Downtown Chicago

This one comes from our favorite source for website update ideas: client questions.

Are you guys able to get a Spydercrane to the Loop?

For those that don't know, "The Loop" is the central business district of downtown Chicago. Most people in the area will also use the name interchangeably with "downtown Chicago." If someone says they're going to The Loop for dinner, you'll know it doesn't necessarily mean they're looking to eat in a cubicle - unless that's there thing. Hey, diff'rent strokes, diff'rent folks.

Can we get a Spydercrane into Downtown Chicago ?

Of course we can. It's right, over, there from our office. Many of our first projects were located in downtown Chicago. We started local and worked our way out.

We've helped with several aspects of using a crane in downtown Chicago.

Now, before you think we're being sarcastic, we should point out that it's actually quite a good question. You just can't stick a crane on the sidewalk of The Loop and begin hauling heavy materials and resources. People tend to notice, especially business owners whose customer traffic patterns would be affected by the work, especially if the proper protocols aren't taken.

Make sure to get the permits

Especially if the Spydercrane is going to have any part of its Mini Crawler Crane sticking outside, there will be permits and paperwork involved. Moreso if the crane will be obstructing city sidewalks or roads. And if it's covering a city bus line or one of the Els. the paperwork and scheduling just became exponential. Luckily, that would be the case for all aspects of construction, so make sure to plan ahead and include Spydercranes in the paperwork plans.

Such a hassle is not exclusive to Chicago

Any construction in an urban area that involves obstruction of business and city traffic patterns will involve getting permits from the city, county, and state. Putting up a sign? Paperwork. Redoing the awning? Paperwork.

So make sure to remember this, no matter where you are.

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