Posted on April 13, 2016

The most popular Spydercrane is...

The most popular Spydercrane is...

This might be the most popular Spydercrane-related question we get asked:

"What is the most popular Spydercrane you have?"


We asked this question to three employees in our office. They gave us three completely different answers:

1) Either the URW-295 or the URW-376

This seemed to be the answer that made the most sense. The most rental and service requests we receive are for the URW-295. It is extremely versatile and has the spec ratings to overlap responsibilities with the majority of the roster of Spydercranes. It's also the biggest one that can fit through a single-wide during self-motorized transport, increasing its value.

Our second most-requested crane is the URW-376. To be honest, it's a toss-up between this and the URW-295. The question usually comes to a choice between lift & hoist capacity versus price.

Showdown: 295 vs. 376

The URW-295 typically is a little, itsy-bitsy cheaper. The URW-376 can lift a little bit more. Throw in the aforementioned fact that the 295 can slide through single-wide doorways, and the 295's advantages are weighted to win more of the coin tosses.

As for the other two answers our team came up with...

One said, "Trigger," the name he gave the URW-706 he uses whenever he has a job.

The other said, "we should ask them," So, we did. We asked the Spydercranes. They didn't have a comment.

Is it any wonder why we focused mostly on the first answer?

For a great deal on a 295, 376, Trigger, or the one the Spydercranes think is the most popular, contact us today.

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