Posted on February 17, 2016

The mylar tracks - in black and white

The mylar tracks - in black and white

We talk around the office about how cool it would be if the Spydercrane actually walked on its legs. The videos we could make alone would make us YouTube superstars.

The reality is, those Spydercranes are still only there for support. They provide extra stability, thereby increasing the mini crawler crane's load capacity. The well-known result is a machine that can lift incredible amounts of weight high into levels above.

But, as for transportation, we go with mylar non-marking belt tracks


"Mylars? Are those the things chewing on the power cables of the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back?"

No. Those were Mynocks - but we love your taste in movies.

Mylar is the answer to the question, "what do Spydercranes have in common with the shiny helium birthday balloons you used at your kid's 5th birthday party?"

It's a Dupont Tejiin Films-trademarked name for its stretched-polyester product

Accoding to, the more technical, chemical names for the product include either BoPET or biaxially-oriented polyethylene.

Why use Mylar?

The synthetic properties mean Spydercranes work both indoors without having to re-tread or switch the treads because, with Mylar, the Spydercranes don't leave marks on indoor surfaces when traveling.

Such a feature is simply too good to pass up.

You can get the Mylar non-mark blet tracks in either black or white.

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