Posted on April 15, 2015

The specifications of a Searcher Hook

The specifications of a Searcher Hook

Lifting materials, whether they’re the lightest of equipment or the densest of materials, takes a fair bit of precision. There needs to be calculations, tests, security checks, and test runs before making sure all the equipment is ready to go. You know, if you want to be safe and keep in touch with industry standards and insurance protocols.

Such detail comes down to equipment. Not every hook is a one-size-fits-all proposition. A hook to small can become a hazard for heavier loads. A hook that is rated for bigger model cranes but are used on smaller machines can put potentially dangerous stress on the equipment because of its sheer mass and size.

Searching for the right Searcher Hook

Most every Spydercrane comes equipped with the proper searcher hooks. The proper hook size is spelled out in each machine. Each hook is also properly rated for each working radius and boom section.

Looking to get a new Spydercrane / Mini Crawler Crane Searcher Hook?

If you are looking for a new Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane Searcher Hook, contact us today. We’ll have the latest information on the most-up-to-date ratings for the equipment, and let you specifically know which hook will suit your needs.

With the right equipment and ratings, you, too, could be lifting over 6 and a half tons of equipment at a time.

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