Posted on December 2, 2015

Will a Spydercrane work from the bed of a truck?

Will a Spydercrane work from the bed of a truck?

Once in awhile we get asked questions that bring new definitions to the phrase, "mobile crane." One of those questions usually is:

"Will a Spydercrane work from the bed of a truck? "

Well, we never like to tell a client, "no,"...

But what you're looking for is a truck-mounted crane.

What is a Truck-Mounted Crane, you ask? It's a specialty crane modified to not only fit in the back of a truck, but is designed to be stable and safe(r) back there. Most standard truck-mounted cranes come complete with tested load bearing specifications so you know how much you can lift, how far you can lift, and whether or not your travel with it.

Unlike trying to stuff a spydercrane in the back of a truck, truck mounted cranes are already modified and welded into a part of frame, providing extra support and stability.

Trying to use a Spydercrane from the back of a truck wouldn't typically be considered a "best practice"

In most cases, the truck would be the least stable surface a Spydercrane could be supported on. At that point, the Spydercrane would only be as stable as the tired on a truck and the surface those tires are on.

Once again, while we wouldn't want to ever tell a client, "no," we would recommend the truck mounted crane alternative or, just as well, take the Spydercrane out of the truck when you plan to use it.

For more information on Spydercrane safety or Truck Mounted Cranes, contact us today!

Photo credit: Furukawa UNIC Corporation via Pinterest.

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